Looking for a New Job? Don’t Forget About Company Culture

As leading Houston, TX recruiters, Murray Resources knows when looking for a new job, most job seekers tend to focus on the position – is it a good fit, do they have the right skills, is it work they will enjoy? However, did you know that it’s just as important to assess the culture of the company when determining whether an opportunity is right for you?

The culture is the company’s personality. And not every company culture is a fit for every candidate. Consider the formal, structured culture of many large corporations and pair that with a laid back, free spirited individual.

So if you’re searching for a new job, how can you evaluate the culture – so you’ll end up somewhere you love? Consider these tips:

Determine what’s important to you.

Is it flex time? A company dedicated to helping others? A smaller, more family friendly environment?

When looking for a company that’s going to be a match for your needs, determine what’s most important to you and what the deal breakers are. Once you know, you can look and ask about those traits (and traits you don’t want) on your interviews. It will make finding a good employer/employee match a lot easier.

Find out why the last person left.

If you ask this question and hear a lot of stumbling, stuttering and a vague answer, then there’s a problem. The hiring manager should be able to tell you clearly why the last person left. Also, if you find out the position is a revolving door for people, then that’s a good indication of what’s to come should you accept the offer.

Dig deep during the interview.

Sometimes, hiring managers will exaggerate an ideal company culture during the interview. Then, when a new hire is on the job, they quickly become miserable because the position and culture don’t match up with reality.

That’s why it’s important to get specific with your questions – i.e. “What things do you wish you’d known before starting to work here?” Or “What one thing don’t you like about the culture?”

Ask around.

If you know someone who works for the company, or has in the past, ask them directly about what it’s like to be an employee there. Use sites like LinkedIn or your network of contacts to reach out to those who are “in the know.”

The bottom line is that the more you understand about a particular company, the better shot you’ll have at finding an employer that’s right for you.

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