Make Your Temp Job Permanent with These 3 Career Tips 

Landing a temporary job is a great way to dip your toes into a new role and learn first-hand what a company’s culture, team, and type of work is really like. If you’ve been in a contract position for a few months and decide you’re ready to make the leap to full time, you might be wondering how you can increase the odds of making that happen. If you’ve asked yourself, “When does a temporary job become permanent?”, there a few things to keep in mind to successfully make the shift and get hired.

Work Like a Full Time Employee 

If you want to prove that you’re full time material, you should treat your position as if you already are. This will require a mindset shift – many temporary employees lower their performance standards because they assume they’ll only be employed for a short while. Don’t fall prey to that mindset – you should put your best foot forward from day one and strive to go above and beyond with every responsibility. Be punctual, show you’re willing to put in extra hours, and over deliver when you can. This shows a hiring manager that you take your role and the opportunity to be there seriously, even if you’re not technically slated to be there very long.

Show Interest in the Company 

As a temporary employee, you may not feel obligated to gain a deep understanding of the company for which you’re working. But if you want to be hired full time, it’s essential. Take the time to learn as much as you can about the company – their history, core values, key clients, and biggest problems they need to solve. Talk to coworkers from different departments or ask a supervisor for a coffee meeting to gain more insight. Demonstrating your investment in the company and your role in it speaks volumes, and lets a hiring manager know you’re invested beyond the length of your contract.

Build Relationships

Just because you’re a temporary employee doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time to invest in relationships with your teammates. In fact, it can go a lot farther than you think. Not only should you demonstrate your commitment and work ethic to your boss, but to your coworkers as well. Try to get to know them as soon as you can – strike up conversations during breaks, ask them to lunch, and take an interest in their different roles at the company. When you develop solid relationships with your team, they’re more likely to vouch for you to stay permanently.

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