Contract hiring serves energy field openings


The perfect storm of both economic and political changes has impacted the oil and gas industry and all those who work in it.

However, some have done better than just weather the storm; oil and gas employees are finding new and exciting opportunities for promising short- and long-term employment in temporary and contract work.

“During economic lulls, temporary and contract work can be an effective way for workers to keep their skills up to date, which in turn helps them stay marketable when the economy turns around,” said Keith Wolf, managing director of Murray Resources, a Houston-based recruiting firm with offices throughout Houston, Dallas and Austin.

“If a candidate goes beyond six to nine months without any work, hiring managers may start questioning the motivation of the candidate, despite, in many cases, that employment gap being out of the candidate’s control. It’s unfortunate, but some employers may hold large employment gaps against a candidate. Temp or contract positions can help alleviate that concern.”

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