5 Ways to Hurt Your Reputation in a New Job

As Houston recruiters, Murray Resources can tell you that when you’re starting out on the job, your goal should be to “wow” your boss. But sometimes, things can get in the way of your very best efforts. Some of them aren’t in your control – but others certainly are. Below is a look at 5 ways you could hurt your reputation in those first, very important few days of the job.

1. You’re late.

Adhering to the basics of office etiquette is critical when you’re just starting out. And getting there on time is one of those basics. So don’t let a traffic jam, or construction get in your way of making a great first impression. Start off well ahead of schedule on your first few days so you can get a sense of how heavy traffic is and if there are any additional delays you’ll need to factor in.

2. You’re overly assertive at meetings.

You want to develop a reputation as a contributor and “go getter.” But at this stage of the game, you may not have a whole lot to contribute. So instead of asserting yourself and looking foolish in a meeting, ask lots of questions so you can get up to speed faster – then offer opinions and ideas of value.

3. You kiss up to your boss.

It’s important to have a healthy, productive relationship with your boss. However, if you think getting there involves kissing up, you may want to think again. Not only will your boss lose respect for you, but your new co-workers will, as well.

4. You spend time gossiping.

It’s only natural to want to connect with your co-workers as quickly as possible. However, gossiping isn’t the way to get there. Not only will you develop a reputation as having a big mouth, but gossiping about co-workers – before you really get to know them – will cloud your judgment of them. It’s not fair to your co-workers and could harm your ability to develop long-term, productive relationships with them.

5. You make comments on Facebook about how much you hate your new job.

Remember, whatever you post on a social media site like Facebook is never private, even if you have your account set to private. And a fast way to fall out of favor with your new boss is to be lamenting to all your friends about your boss, co-workers, or new job. It’s best to keep it zipped; if, after some time on the job, there are some things you don’t like or that are unexpected, then talk to your boss directly about them. Don’t post them on Facebook first.

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