What to Do When You’ve Got Everything a Job Opening Requires…but the MBA

Picture it:

You come across a job opening that sounds right up your alley. The more you read on, the more excited you get. And then you get to the end, where it says “MBA required.”

You don’t have an MBA, but you have all the other skills and experience required for the position. Plus, you just know you could do the job and that you’d be a great fit for the position.

So should you ignore the requirements and apply anyway?

As top Houston recruiters, Murray Resources knows that hiring managers typically use requirements to avoid being deluged by dozens, or hundreds of unqualified candidates. They hope that by including an “MBA required” statement, that they’ll reduce the number of unqualified candidates applying for the position.

But, if you truly meet all the other requirements and have a great fit background for the position, then you should apply anyway.

That said, you’re already facing a significant hurdle with that lack of degree. As a result, you’re going to need to make an extra effort to stand out. Here’s how:

Be Relevant.

Come up with a list of as many skills and accomplishments that are relevant to the particular position. Then weave those points into your cover letter and resume. You need to showcase that despite your lack of an MBA, you have the background to do the job – and be successful at it.

Be Savvy.

Do you know someone who already works at the company who could refer you? Hiring managers are much more open to candidates that are referred to them by trusted sources.

Also, if you do know someone, ask him or her for tips on getting hired. They may be able to give you the scoop on what types of accomplishments or experience are particularly important to the hiring manager.

Be Confident.

Don’t let your lack of an MBA undermine your confidence in an interview. If anything, it’s even more important for you to project confidence and showcase your professionalism and proven track record. However, if you feel defensive and nervous, it will come through in your interview answers.

Be Open.

Perhaps your lack of MBA will hold you back in getting the offer. However, if you impress the hiring manager with your background, then they may offer you a different opportunity or information about an upcoming position. Even if it’s not the job you originally wanted, be open to these kinds of opportunities. You never know where they might lead.

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