The Best Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

Asking good questions serves several purposes. First, it helps you dig deeper and find out more about the opportunity. It also enables you to make a great impression on the recruiter so you stand out among other candidates they’re working with. But with so many options out there, what are the best questions to ask? Here are a few from the Houston, TX headhunters at Murray Resources to get you started: 

What does the job entail?

This is a critical first question to ask to ensure the opportunity is something you’d be interested in. If, after hearing more details, you know you’d be a good fit, then continue on and ask more questions. If, however, it doesn’t resonate with you, then let your recruiter know immediately.  

What are the top three or four qualifications for the job? 

Companies will likely have a litany of qualifications they’re looking for. However, many of those aren’t essential, they’re simply nice-to-have. What you need to know are the ones that are critical for success on the job, so you can ensure you have the right-fit skills and background.  

How long has this job been open?  

If it was just posted, then that’s good news. However, if it’s been open for three months and they haven’t hired, there’s a reason. It could be because the hiring manager is looking for the perfect candidate. Or it could be due to what the job entails or the company culture. In any case, you’ll want to find out why it’s been open so long to determine whether it’s an opportunity you want to pursue 

Is this a newly created position or an existing one? 

There’s no right or wrong answer here. However, when you have an answer, you’ll also get a better sense of whether there are any red flags, such as if it’s an existing position with a lot of turnover. If, however, the employee who held the job before got promoted, for instance, then that tells you there’s room for growth and advancement. 

What’s the compensation package like?  

At this point, you’ll likely be given a range since the final salary is often dependent on experience. So at this point, you simply want to ensure you’ll be offered a compensation package that is competitive and that you wouldn’t be taking a step down.  

Can you tell me more about the company and where the job is located? 

Before you invest a lot of time in interview prep, it’s important to get a feel for the company, their leadership and their financial security. You’ll also want to do your own research online to check their reputation. Also ask questions about the culture and what it’s like, as well as the location where you’d be working. 

What’s the hiring process like? 

Asking this question will give you more insight into what to expect should you decide to pursue the opportunity. You’ll have a better sense, for instance, for how many interviews there will be and how long it will take to make a final decision.  

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