Keep Your Employees Cool This Summer with These 5 Tips

Summers in Texas mean extreme heat, which can lead to exhaustion. It’s therefore important to keep your employees cool, especially if they perform any of their work outside. Taking measures today can prevent accidents and illnesses, like heat stroke and fainting, tomorrow. To help you in the process, here are some safety tips from staffing agency Murray Resources to keep in mind.

Keep your office and warehouse cool.

Make sure your workspaces are adequately insulated and the air conditioning is running. You may want to install fans, too, to better disburse cool air and improve airflow. You can also use humidifiers to cut down on the level of humidity in the air. In addition, when you combine AC with a dehumidifier, it can often lead to more efficient cooling.

Make sure doors, windows and escape exits are always closed.

When these are left open, cool air will escape and hot air will find its way inside, leading to rising temperatures. Besides encouraging employees to keep entryways and exits shut, you can also install strip doors where needed if the main entryway must be kept open.

Help employees stay hydrated.

Hydration is key to staying protected in the summer heat. So make sure your employees are drinking plenty of water throughout the day. You can even keep your break room stocked with cold beverages and snacks. Schedule regular water breaks for those working outside and give them access to sports drinks, so their electrolytes remain well-balanced on hot days.

Provide breaks in cool areas.

If you have a team of people working outside, make sure they’re given plenty of breaks, either in the shade or an air-conditioned break area. OSHA also recommends helping employees build up heat tolerance by using an acclimatization process.

Encourage appropriate work attire for summer.

Help your employees stay cool with a dress code for summer. While you always want them to look professional, encourage them, for instance, to wear lighter colored clothes, as well as hats and sunscreen if they’re outside.

Heat can be a problem for workers, cutting into productivity and overall morale and motivation. Not only that, but if a worker gets sick from the heat while on the job, it can lead to a costly workers’ compensation claim. Instead, beat the heat and keep your employees cool by following the tips above.

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