The Importance of Keeping Your LinkedIn Profile Up to Date

So you’re not a social media expert. That doesn’t mean you should keep up a 10-year-old LinkedIn profile and call it a day. As LinkedIn profile writers, ResumeSpice knows that in today’s world, every professional – from entry-level to executive – should have a regularly updated one. Here are 5 critical reasons why:

#1: It’s assumed you’ll have one.

Imagine applying for a job and a hiring manager looks you up on LinkedIn. What will they find? If it’s old information, they’re going to wonder about your ambition and enthusiasm for your career. It’s simply presumed that experienced professionals will have updated LinkedIn profiles and if you don’t, it can seriously set your career back.

#2: Recruiters are looking for people like you.

Whether or not you’re looking for a new job, recruiters are looking for people like you. But if your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have your current skills and abilities, then don’t expect to show up in their searches. There are many different and exciting opportunities that could come your way from your profile – if it’s routinely updated. If not, you’ll get passed by.

#3: It makes you seem driven.

If your profile is polished and professional, with all your skills and abilities up to date, you’re going to stand out. However, if it’s not completed or you haven’t touched it in years, it can send the message that you’re less-than-driven when it comes to your career. It can also communicate that you’re not paying attention to detail or don’t understand the importance of LinkedIn. Either way, it doesn’t paint you in a positive light for hiring managers and recruiters.

#4: It gives people a sense of who you are.

The beauty of your LinkedIn profile is that you can infuse more personality into it than your resume. It, therefore, gives recruiters a better sense of who you are and how you think. This can be the key to distinguishing your background and skills from another candidate they’re considering.

#5: It helps you expand your network.

When your profile has the most recent information, your peers and colleagues will be better able to find and connect with you. This can especially handy when you’re searching for a job and looking for leads on new opportunities. You’ll already have a solid network of connections with similar business goals and careers you can turn to for advice and help with the process.

Now that you know the importance of keeping your network updated, where do you begin? If you don’t have the time or expertise, simply turn to the LinkedIn profile writers at ResumeSpice for help. We know what recruiters and hiring managers look for in profiles and can help you build a powerful one that gets the results you want. Call 832.930.7378 today to learn more or get started.