3 Benefits of Permanent/Direct Hire Recruiting

Sometimes when hiring, there’s a question as to whether to bring a contract worker or a permanent, full-time employee on board. There are pros and cons to each and it depends on your needs, whether you can sustain a full-time employee, and the ultimate goals you’re looking to achieve.

If you’re simply looking for an extra helping hand for a short-term period of time, then a contract worker is certainly the way to go. However, if you need any of the following, consider direct hire recruiting instead:

Higher caliber candidates with experience.

If you need to hire for a role that requires experience, the best candidates will want some kind of job security. They won’t be interested in a position that’s only contract or temporary in nature. In addition, permanent roles are more enticing to passive candidates. These are individuals who aren’t looking for new jobs, but would be open if the right one came along. If, however, you’re only offering a short-term position, the most experienced individuals likely won’t make a move.

Employees who are loyal to your company and invested in its success.

Contract workers are a must when you have a sudden increase in demand or project you can’t complete with your core staff. However, if you want to slowly and steadily build a team that’s creative, cohesive and resilient, it must consist of full-time employees. These are the individuals who will have a strong sense of commitment from the start and will be more loyal to the company over time.

Employees who are fully integrated into the company and onto the team.

When you have a contract worker, they’ll likely be done with their assignment before there’s truly a chance for them to integrate with your core staff. However, when you hire direct employees, you’ll get people who want to be a part of a team and collaborate with others. They’ll become more integrated as a result and able to provide more value in the long run.

In addition, you can invest in direct hires with training and opportunities for advancement and feel confident it will pay off down the line. Likewise, you can spend more time and energy on finding quality candidates who will be a fit for the role and for the company’s culture.

Ready to hire full-time, but need help with the process?

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