5 Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed in Houston

It might seem surprising in this day and age of social media, Zooms and Skyping that a resume still matters. However, it does and yours can make or break your job search success. But with hundreds of other candidates out there, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of competition. How can you make your resume stand out? It’s simple with these five tips:

#1: Make sure your resume has keywords in it.

If it’s been a while since you’ve searched for a new job, you might not realize that many companies today use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). These are essentially software systems that screen out poor candidates and create a shortlist of strong candidates to consider. If the system doesn’t think you’re a good match, your resume won’t get into the hands of hiring managers. To avoid this, make sure you’re taking keywords and phrases from the job posting and placing them on your resume. Also, sprinkle in any relevant industry terms.

#2: Customize it for each job you’re applying to.

Don’t send in the same one-size-fits-all resume to every potential employer. You’ll be missing out on an opportunity to communicate that you’re the right fit for this particular role. That doesn’t mean you have to rewrite your resume every time. However, do tweak and edit it depending on the position and employer. You’ll stand out and get more calls for interviews.

#3: Keep it easy-to-read.

Most hiring managers only spend a few seconds scanning each resume. Yours therefore needs to communicate a lot in a short amount of time. To do that, make sure you’re writing bullet points, not long, dense sentences. Also be sure to format your resume properly, in reverse chronological order, and use boldface and italics to make the names of employers and job titles stand out. Finally, thoroughly proofread your resume several times before sending it out.

#4: Cover the basics, but don’t get too long-winded.

Your resume should include your past positions most relevant to the job; your education, including your degree, and where and when you graduated from; and any pertinent volunteer work you’ve been involved with. Keep items like hobbies and interests off your resume unless they’re directly related to the job and avoid the outdated “objective” statement, as well.

#5: Quantify when you can.

Hiring managers want to know more than just past titles, but what you achieved in those positions. It’s therefore important to talk about results, whether it’s an increase in sales, managing a team, completing a project, or winning an award. The more you can offer specific examples of your abilities, the stronger you’ll stand out to the hiring manager.

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