Best Practices for Onboarding Temporary Employees

Adding to your team on a temporary basis is a great way to get the extra hands you need without the fixed overhead. However, just because they’re not full-time workers doesn’t mean you can skip the onboarding process. In fact, if you want to make the most of your temporary employees, you need to ensure you’re:

Giving your existing workforce a heads up.

Don’t let temporary employees be a surprise to your core staff. If you don’t let them know ahead of time, they might feel their job security is threatened. Instead, simply explain why you need additional hands on deck, how many new employees to expect and approximately how long they’ll be on the team. Also encourage them to welcome and support the temporary workers.

Talking to your recruiter.

When it comes to training, talk to the recruiter at your staffing agency for guidance. Some staffing agencies offer training programs, so might handle this aspect of the process. You can also find out about the temporary employees’ skills and abilities, so you know how much training they’ll need if you’re handling it. Either way, coordinating this all ahead of time will help ensure your workers have the right skills without any training gaps or overlaps with your staffing agency.

Getting your new hire well-oriented.

Just as with a full-time hire, it’s important to welcome your new temporary employees and provide them with orientation. This includes an overview of the company, as well as important processes and procedures. It should also include a tour so the employees know where the restrooms, break room, and copy machines are, as well as to introduce them around to key staff they’ll be working alongside.

Staying connected to them.

Encourage your temporary employees to ask questions and come to you with concerns. Let them know your door is open and spend a few minutes during those first few days checking in on them to ensure everything is going smoothly. When they feel comfortable and supported by you, they’ll be more likely to work harder to impress you.

Providing them with a buddy.

This should be a seasoned staff member who’s patient and good at explaining details and answering questions. Not only will this provide temporary workers with a go-to person for advice, but also help them feel more welcomed and comfortable in the process.

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