How Long Before My Temp Placement is Over Should I Start Job Searching?

You’ve been on a temporary job for weeks or maybe even months. But now that opportunity is coming to end. Whether you want to turn it into a permanent role or simply leave behind the best impression possible, here are a few tips for getting there:

Talk about career goals with your recruiter.

Your first step should be a conversation with your recruiter. If, for instance, you’d like to try to secure full-time employment, they’ll be able to give you some insight into whether that’s a possibility. Even if want to continue to temp, make sure you give them enough lead time before your assignment actually ends to find a new one. That way, you won’t have a big gap where you’re not working or getting paid.

Connect with your manager before you leave.

You want to leave on the best terms possible. So make sure you talk to your manager before your last day and thank them for the opportunity. You never know when you two might cross paths again and you want to ensure you’re leaving on a positive note. Not only that, but a future position could bring you back to the company, so you want to make sure such a transition would be seamless.

Say goodbye to co-workers.

Just like your manager, your co-workers can have an important impact on your career trajectory. They’re good connections to have in the future, whether they stay with the company or move onto a different one. If they know of a good role that comes along, think you’d be a good fit, and had a positive experience working with you, they’ll be more likely to let you know. Make every effort to keep in touch with them and your manager, too.

Update your resume to reflect your last role.

Invest some time and attention when it comes to your resume. You’ll need to update it so it includes the last assignment you just completed, as well as highlights important accomplishments and relevant duties during it. When you do, make sure you’re focusing on the value you offer and your successful track record.

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