Best Practices for Recruiting in Low Unemployment

When it comes to the job market, it’s a candidates world. With low unemployment – hovering around 3.9% in Houston – there are seemingly endless opportunities and not enough candidates to fill them all. This can translate into a host of issues for employers. For instance:

  • It can cost more to fill each role as top talent can demand higher salaries and better benefits.
  • It can be difficult to hire when you’re up against large corporations with deeper pockets when it comes to recruiting.
  • It can lead to more stress in the workplace as core team members have to take on more roles until a new hire is found.
  • This can also combine and cause higher turnover rates if existing employees are feeling overworked and burned out.

So when you’re trying to hire, how can you deal with this competitive environment? As one of Houston’s leading staffing agencies, Murray Resources has the answers you need. Here are some tips to help you:

Promote your company.

Candidates want a good understanding of your company and its culture before they apply. That’s why you should be leveraging the power of your organization’s career website, as well as social media to tell your company’s story and promote your employer brand.

Ask employees to serve as brand advocates.

Encourage your existing team to promote the company and its job opportunities to their own networks on social media. Also, create an employee referral program that incentivizes your people to refer quality talent.

Offer the benefits candidates want.

When it comes to benefits, it’s time to get creative. Go beyond the standard health insurance and vacation days that most employers provide and also offer other perks that candidates want. For instance, consider telecommuting, student loan repayments, funding continuing education, and flexible schedules.

Work with one of Houston’s staffing agencies.

If you don’t have the time or resources to handle recruiting on your own, turn to a team who does, like the experts at one of Houston’s staffing agencies. They’ll be able to learn about your unique needs and challenges and then tap into their extensive candidate network to find the skilled and dependable employees you need.

Treat candidates right.

Whether you hire a candidate for a certain role or not, treat every single one with respect and be responsive when it comes to communication. They might not be the right fit for the job opening you have now, but they could be a great possibility for a future role. Plus, candidates often share their experiences on social media, so it’s important they have a positive experience with you.

Get professional help with your recruiting efforts.

As one of the top staffing agencies in Houston, Murray Resources knows where to look to find and recruit qualified candidates, all while you focus on other business priorities. You’ll get the people you need, faster, all without the hassle. Contact us today to learn more.