How to Talk to Your Boss About a Flexible Work Schedule

Flexible schedules are here to stay in today’s working world. However, if your company is slow to accept it, how do you go about asking for one? Here are some tips to have this tricky conversation with your boss,

Identify your needs.

When it comes to flexible schedules, there are many options available. For instance, you can work from home five days a week, one or two days a week. You can also work a four-day week, 10 hours a day, or work flex hours, so you’re arriving and leaving earlier. Before you have a conversation with your boss, identify which schedule is the best for your needs, so you can walk into the meeting with specifics.

Offer explanations.

Be ready to explain why this schedule is important. For instance, if you want to work from 8 am to 4 pm instead of 9 am to 5 pm so you can be home for your child when they get off the boss, explain that to your boss. Or perhaps you want to work from home on Fridays, so you can focus on your priorities without interruptions.

In addition, explain what’s in it for your boss. For instance, maybe you’re more productive at home and will then be able to take on additional responsibilities.

Be open to negotiating.

Every workplace, boss and culture are different. So before you head into a conversation with your boss, keep an open mind and be prepared for a counteroffer. For instance, there might be a company policy reason why your proposal won’t work. However, maybe your boss is open to a different idea. Work together to find a solution and a schedule that’s a fit for you both.

Make your meeting private.

This isn’t a conversation to have at the water cooler. Instead, set up some private time with your boss and let him or her know you want to discuss your schedule. This way, they’ll be prepared and you won’t be interrupted by other distractions around you.

Do a trial run.

If your boss is on the fence, offer to do a trial run for a few weeks. During this period, make sure you’re meeting your boss’s expectations and getting all your work done. Be sure you also track and document all your work so you can make the case for your flexible schedule once your trial period is over.

Interested in finding a more flexible employer?

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