5 Tips for Managing Temp Employee Performance

It’s the time of the year when many companies have temps on their team. These workers are a critical part of staying on top of work and also remaining flexible. While they offer many advantages, they can also be a challenge to manage. How can you make the most of them? Here are some tips to supervise their performance.

Set goals.

Just like your full-time employees, temporary workers need clear goals to work toward. Make sure you’re communicating these expectations to them, along with a timeframe of when they should be completed. The more detailed you are – with tasks and timelines – the better you’re setting them up for success.

Monitor their performance.

Check-in with them regularly, monitoring their performance. Just as you do with your core staff, use software to measure work productivity and performance. This can help you track metrics, like time spent on tasks and application usage so you understand areas that need your attention.

Communicate often.

One of the best ways to manage the performance of temporary workers is by communicating with them often. Meet with them formally, as well as informally. Check in to see how they’re doing, if they have questions or concerns, and to give them feedback. Work to develop a rapport with them just as you would a full-time employee.

Offer recognition.

If they’ve met certain goals or are working especially hard, recognize their efforts. This will serve to motivate them, so they keep up the behavior. It will also help them develop a better understanding of the kind of performance that’s important to you and your company.

Make them feel like a part of the team.

Even though they’ll only be on board for a short-term period of time, the more they feel like part of the team, the better they’ll perform. This will impact productivity and morale. So take steps, like introducing them around when they first start. Also, invite them to the company picnic or happy hour, so they feel welcomed and forge relationships with others.

Also, keep in mind, your temporary workforce is a great pipeline for hiring when you have job openings. It’s therefore important to take steps that make the experience a positive one for your temporary team.

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