Questions to Ask During a Temporary Interview Position

You want a more flexible work schedule and a range of work opportunities. Temporary jobs offer the perfect fit. However, when it comes to interviewing for these roles, you might be wondering about the best approach.

Just like with a full-time role, you’ll want to prepare thoroughly before the interview, as well as dress professionally, arrive on time, and be prepared with your own questions. Here are a few to make sure you ask.

Is this strictly a temporary role or a temp-to-perm assignment?

The answer to this question will give you a sense of what to expect with the assignment and whether it’s a fit for you. Some employers require a person to fill in while a full-time employee is on vacation, out sick, or on maternity leave. In other cases, they might be experiencing a busy period and, as a result, need to add to their workforce for a short-term period of time. These are typically temporary jobs.

However, there are other instances when an employer wants to test out a potential employee before making a full-time hiring decision. These kinds of assignments are called temp-to-perm. Essentially, you’re on the job for an agreed-upon period of time, after which the employer will decide whether or not to extend an offer for a full-time opportunity.

What will I be responsible for in this temporary job?

Even if it’s temporary, it’s still important to only accept roles you feel comfortable in and confident about. So ask about what you’ll be doing on a day-to-day basis. Another way to phrase this question is: “What’s a typical day look like on this assignment?” If you’re not sure if the required duties are a good fit for you, then you might want to pass.

What are the hours and how long is the assignment expected to last?

Scheduling for temporary jobs can include anything from 9-5 to day or evening shifts, weekend work, or part-time hours. Ask about the schedule for this particular assignment so you can make sure it aligns with your lifestyle.

In addition, inquire about how long the assignment is expected to last so you know when to start looking for your next opportunity. While hours and timing may vary or change slightly, depending on the needs of the employer and your capacity to take on more work, these questions help ensure there aren’t any surprises along the way with scheduling.

What are the specific goals for this assignment?

Perhaps you’ll be stepping in while someone is away and simply need to keep their role functioning. Or maybe you’re helping the existing team finish off a big project. Whatever the end goal is, it’s important to find out ahead of time, so you’re clear about what’s expected of you. When you start the assignment, you’ll understand the big picture and what you’re working toward.

Is training offered before or on the job?

Many employers offer onboarding programs to welcome temporary staff. However, if there are aspects of the position that are new to you, make sure there’s training offered, as well. Not only will this help you get up and running in the temporary assignment quickly, but this is knowledge you can take with you. You’ll have a more diversified set of skills, as a result. In the long run, you’ll be a more competitive and attractive candidate in the future to other potential employers.

Can you tell me more about the company culture and what to expect?

When you walk into a new assignment, it’s good to know if the culture is a formal one, business casual, or something else entirely. Other areas to inquire about related to culture including how to dress, corporate values, and important company policies or procedures to follow. The more you know before an assignment, the more confident you’ll feel starting it and the more successful you’ll be once on it.

When talking about company culture, keep in mind that trying out new ones will help you become a well-rounded professional with a more marketable resume. When you venture outside your comfort zone, you also might find one particular culture or kind of company you love and want to pursue full-time work with.

Tell me about the manager. What’s important to them for success?

Ask about the manager you’ll be reporting to and what they need from you on the job. How will they be communicating with you and measuring your performance and success? Also, inquire about their business leadership style and personality. This will give you some insight into what it’s like to work with them, so you can settle into the assignment faster.

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