How Can Starbucks Advance Your Career? The Best Networking Tip for Job Seekers

At Murray Resources, our Houston recruiters are always looking for new ways to help people find methods to improve their job search. When it comes to finding and capitalizing on new opportunities, there is no better technique than effective networking. The number one tip we always recommend to our candidates is to plan your meals as networking opportunities.

In his breakthrough book about networking, Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi discusses how important it is to set up business lunches with new contacts. The author cites several examples where success in business and politics is the result of personal relationships. He claims that reaching out to other people for help and looking for ways you can be generous is the best way to find a path to success.

Ferrazzi recommends that you set up new business lunches and networking opportunities as often as you can. By widening your network, you have the chance to meet new individuals and offer your services. Many people are more than happy to help out if you are sincere and ask for help.

Start out by making a list of people you would like to meet with in your industry. This can be accomplished executives, human resource managers or professors at business schools in your area. Houston recruiters recommend that you send each individual a short and personalized e-mail and offer to buy him or her lunch. Be sure to include your intentions for the meeting, such as asking the person questions about their industry or finding out about ways you can volunteer your services.

And since buying a new person lunch everyday can become expensive, offering to meet someone for coffee is just as effective. Many people are happy to sit down and talk about their work over a latte—especially when someone else is buying! Remember that you are asking someone else to volunteer their time to sit down with you; be flexible when it comes to accommodating his or her schedule.

Our Houston recruiters will all agree that sharing a meal with someone is one of the best ways to expand your personal network and find out about new opportunities that may be available. Keep in mind that you should always be looking for ways to provide value to these people before you ask for any favors. If you follow these steps then you will be surprised at how many new doors may open up for you.

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