What Do Rising Oil Prices Have to Do with Your Job Search?

Looking for a new job in the Houston area? It’s never been a better time. While high oil prices can negatively impact many economies, in our area, it’s actually a positive for jobs and pay rates. In fact, while the price at the pump is causing the rest of the country to take a hit, it’s helping the Houston economy bounce back.

For instance, the price of a barrel of oil is now over $100. Two years ago, it went below zero. As a result, the price of fuel has risen 40% in recent months, leading to more gas and oil jobs on the market. Coupled with a labor shortage, employers are going to great lengths to entice workers – which is a boon for you if you’re looking for a new job. This not only means more opportunities, but better paying ones.

Plus, with the rise in prices and a record surge in inflation, it’s an ideal time to look for a job that pays you more. Even if you’re happy where you are, consider negotiating for a higher salary. Companies want to retain the top workers they have and many are open to offering more competitive compensation to do that.

If you’re ready to make a move, though, keep in mind too with the high cost of living, you can ask for more during salary negotiation. Even entry-level positions are being offered at $20 to $23 an hour, according to reports.

All this boils down to the fact that not only do you have more opportunities available, but more bargaining power to secure higher compensation. Basically, you’re in the driver’s seat. To help you find a great job in this new labor market, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Set up job alerts.

When it comes to finding the best job fast, it often comes down to timing. Being the first to apply means getting noticed by a hiring manager. You’ll gain an edge over the competition, as a result. In fact, according to data from LinkedIn, you’re four times more likely to hear back about a position when you apply within the first 10 minutes.

How can you apply so fast? Having a strong resume ready is important, but so too is setting up job alerts on all the major job boards and social media sites, like LinkedIn. This will let you know right away when a job opening is published that fits your parameters, so you can apply immediately.

Be clear on your career goals.

Before you go applying to every job available, be clear about what you want. Remember, you have a lot of negotiating power in this job market, so now’s the time to ask for more. This includes in terms of salary and compensation, as well as other perks, like professional development, scheduling flexibility and other benefits.

To identify your career goals, think about what you like and don’t like about your current role. This will give you a good sense of the kinds of jobs to focus on. Keep deal breakers in mind too. These are the things that are non-negotiable. Again, this will help you to focus your search, so you only apply to jobs that are a fit for you.

Network your heart out.

Networking is still the best way to find a new job. So, reach out to people in your network, from family and friends to former colleagues and others about potential jobs. Let them know you’re looking and what kind of position you want to secure. You can also check out a company’s page on LinkedIn and look for people you know who work at there. Then send them a message asking for help getting your foot in the door.

Be open to new possibilities.

You might have a certain kind of job in mind. However, in today’s world, you never know what kind of opportunity might come your way. So be open to new possibilities.

Also, don’t just evaluate the position and compensation, but also the bigger picture. For instance, if one employer offers more generous health insurance, work from home opportunities and professional development, you need to factor these perks when you’re comparing job offers.

Work with a recruiter in Houston.

When you partner with a professional recruiter, they can connect you with a range of employers and different opportunities. They can also help you polish your resume, improve your interview skills, and give you access to hidden jobs not always advertised.

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