New Year, New Team: 5 Ways to Welcome New Employees

Hiring is a lot of work, and once an offer has been accepted, it’s tempting to cross it off your list. But in reality, you’ve still got some work to do to welcome your new team members. Those first few days on the job will set the tone for their tenure and you want to ensure you give them the most positive start possible. To do that, here are five onboarding best practices to help new hires feel embraced from the beginning.

Connect with your new employees before they start.

Before their start date, send your new hires an email welcoming them to the team. Tell them how excited you are that they are joining you and what to expect during that first day on the job. You can keep the note short and simple, or you can include other important information. Either way, your goal here to make new hires feel welcomed and glad they accepted your offer.

Make sure their workspace is in order.

In addition to onboarding new employees by welcoming them with an email, make sure their computer, phone, and other office necessities are all set up and ready to go when they arrive. Also, work with IT to ensure they have all the login credentials they need, so there’s no time wasted on their first day. Another nice step to take is to leave behind a welcome basket, complete with items like company apparel, a coffee mug, snacks, the employee handbook and any other information you think is important.

Have them complete paperwork ahead of time.

While there might be some documents you need new hires to complete on-site, during their first days on the job, there’s likely a lot they can get done online ahead of time. So before their first day, have HR send over all the important employment and administrative documentation they need to complete and bring with them on the first day. That way, they can fill it out at their own pace without getting overwhelmed.

Meet with them during those first few days.

When you set up a meeting with a new employee, make sure you’re ready to help them get situated. This conversation should cover your goals for them within the next month, as well as 60 and 90 days. You should also discuss daily expectations, how to access relevant information, and any meetings you want them to attend. Ultimately, the more clear you are upfront about what success looks like in the new position, the better chance you’re giving them of meeting your expectations.

Match them with a mentor.

Connect each new hire with an experienced company employee who can work alongside them during those first few days and weeks on the job. This will also be a person the new hire can go to for questions, information, and challenges they’re facing. At the same time, the mentor can report back to you about progress and any issues that are arising. This not only helps new hires get to know different people in the company but puts them at ease faster.

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