4 YouTube Channels to Boost Your Job Search

In today’s world, YouTube is the place to go for almost any topic, including your job search. So whether you’re getting ready to look for a new opportunity, or you’re having trouble with an ongoing hunt, there are a whole range of different channels that can offer you practical tips and advice. As an experienced Houston TX staffing agency, Murray Resources is here to help you navigate them. Below are four of the top YouTube channels we recommend for the best career advice and what each one offers to job candidates.

#1: Work It Daily 

This YouTube career coaching channel provides expert support and advice from coaches who have guided candidates to successful careers at companies like Apple and Amazon. It was founded by J.T. O’Donnell and focuses on the fundamentals of the job search, as well as building a satisfying career. From tips on polishing your resume and getting noticed by hiring managers to information on the best ways to answer behavioral interview questions, she has answers to many of the most common questions, providing some of the best career advice on YouTube along the way.

#2: Linda Raynier 

Linda Raynier’s YouTube channel is an excellent source of information for finding that career pathway that will bring more meaning to your life. She offers insights into finding a more rewarding career and guiding you to a life you will truly enjoy. The content on her YouTube career advice channel is diverse, ranging from selling yourself during an interview and finding a job without a lot of experience to productivity and motivational tips once on the job. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, there’s something for everyone on this channel.

#3: Job Hunting Secrets

Have you been job searching for a while without any success? This YouTube career coaching channel is just right for you. Run by Ian Jenkins, a job-hunting strategist, he covers all your most pressing questions, giving you insight into what potential employers are looking for and helping you put your best foot forward during every step of the hiring process. All of his content is clear and easy to understand with topics ranging from how to send a follow-up note after the interview to using LinkedIn during your job search.

#4: Andrew LaCivita 

Get tips and information from an expert recruiter and executive coach on how to land your dream job. Not only does Andrew LaCivita cover common challenges that job seekers face, like all those obstacles during the salary negotiation process, but also offers guidance to candidates at all levels, whether you’re entering into the workforce for the first time or you have extensive experience under your belt.

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